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Goodreads Visualizer

Sept 2021 Update: This is no longer working due to Goodreads API changes, and I don’t use Goodreads enough to bother updating it.

I recently started using Goodreads because I was curious about how many books I read in a year (so far in 2016 the answer is “4”, in case you were curious). I also made a web page that draws plots of Goodreads activity, which you can find here. You have to enter a Goodreads “user id”, which is the number in the URL on a profile page. For example my profile URL is, so my user id is 51772290.

Mostly this was just an excuse for me to do some web frontend programming, but one surprisingly fun thing that I’ve been doing is just typing random or potentially interesting numbers into the user id box and seeing what comes up. Often the result is “nothing”, but here are some potentially interesting things I’ve found:

  • The two founders of Goodreads, both of whom have read a lot of books.
  • Someone who’s only activity is having read the Hunger Games and Divergent series.
  • The millionth user, for whom there isn’t enough information to draw any plots.
  • Myself!.
  • Someone who has logged almost as much reading as the Goodreads founders, much of it romance novels and Ouran High School Host Club.

At one point I found someone with over 120 thousand pages of reading logged, but I forgot to write down their user id. Also, perhaps unsurprisingly, most people tend to rate the books they read four or five stars. Anyway, you can use this to visualize your own activity, your friends’, or just poke around randomly at others and see what you find, hopefully it’s amusing!